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Welcome to Senior Golfer

First let me say "Welcome to Senior Golfer". The mission of "Senior Golfer" is to help fellow seniors with products that have been tried and tested. By "Senior Golfer". There is of course a limit as to the amount of products we test so we are careful in our selection.

If a product fails what we feel could be a benefit to other Senior Golfers we simply pass it by, but do not write anything negative about the product. To many manufacturers are working hard to produce the best they can, and for us to write anything negative would not be fair to them. So again we focus on what works the best for Seniors like you and I.

Currently we have members in 26 States and have not done any marketing or promotion (all growth is by word of mouth) Senior Golfer is commited to raise awareness of the contributions that Seniors make to the game of golf, and in turn what golf offers to Seniors.

While the focus of many in the Golf industry is building a strong youth program. These same folks often miss what is right in front of them, Seniors. I will never suggest setting aside the programs for developing the youth participation, but I will point out to anyone willing to listen the Seniors are a great target market, and should not be overlooked.

The difference between growing the younger generation of Golfers compared to Seniors is that Seniors are already on board. The focus with Seniors is retention, youth the focus is introduction. Then unless the younger generation is going to make Golf their career they often do not have time in their schedule to play Golf until they become “Seniors”. So as I see it and I want to make Golf courses and Cities aware Seniors are the end game to the early development. Now that you have them keep them.

The Senior Golfer Association can also have a stronger voice in assuring the special needs of Seniors. Ready to join? Go to our Membership page and join Senior Golfer Association (SGA) . You do not have to be a Senior to join our membership.

Get a Grip - Golf Pride Solution

COMMON PROBLEM: "Golf Pride" Solution

Most changes, I have seen, over the years have to do mostly with material, and of course thicker grips for putting "Fatso". The grip, made by Golf Pride, really impressed me. The difference is feel, and hand position. The feel allows for a more relaxed grip allowing the muscles to work freely. Design is really the big difference. Rather than the normal taper this grip is more sized for "both" hands. We all know the importance of hands when swinging a club.

So I suggest you give this grip made by Golf Pride a test. If you have an doubts try it with one club, and you will soon want to change grips on all your clubs. For more information click this link to their website click here

Another COMMON PROBLEM shared by many Seniors.

Well this is what "Senior Golfer" is about. Sharing common problems, and solutions to those common problems. As for lower back pain I have been testing a new belt (new to me). It is the Serola Sacroilac Belt. I have played 5 rounds. The first three, wearing the belt, I was pain free and my swing actually felt more powerful. The forth round I played the first nine holes without the belt, and by hole ten I was feeling the normal pain. I reached for the belt. The pain did not go away, but it did not get any worst. The fifth round I played 18 holes pain free wearing the belt.

Additional information about how the belt worked for me. Update

I now have played using the Serola Belt for over a year. The results are fantastic I have not had to take any pain medication, period. This is by itself outstanding. To play without pain and a much better swing foundation. OK here is one more suprising finding. I was unloading my golf equipment and I could not find my belt. Being a Senior I felt that I must have left the belt in the cart basket at the last outting, and considered it lost. Still I loosened up and perpared to play. Only 4/5 holes into the round my pain was really bad, and by the time I finished 18 holes I found it difficult to even get out of the car when I got home. To my suprise my Wife said I had left it on my desk when I wore it moving some funiture.

What I learned from this experience was a strong confirmation of the belt's benefit. No pain, no need for medication (hydrocodine), and a more stable foundation for my golf swing (no need to kick the right leg around just to finish my swing). The Serola Belt has earned my endorsement, and something I want to share with my fellow Senior Golfers. Full disclosure.. I do not get paid for my endorsement other than enjoying golf without pain.

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is the only belt designed to normalize the function of the sacroiliac joint.

Non-elastic layer mimics action of ligaments Additional elastic layer provides compression and helps maintain correct posture No irritating buckles or pads Does not replace muscle function - improves muscle function - increases strength throughout the body Can be worn for extended periods without causing muscle weakness or atrophy The Serola Sacroiliac Belt - It Works While You Work!

Studies conclude that the sacroiliac joints are important sensors of large force streams between the trunk and legs in which the largest muscles of the body are involved. In this respect, the sacroiliac joint functions as a multi-directional force transducer.

Check out this video.

A link to their website Serola Belt:
It has been an interesting week. I also have been testing a new driver.

The Driver is the Model 1 Made by Fister Golf.. Look it up it is the real deal. Here is a link. There is NOT, in my opinion, a driver that can match the Fister Model 1... Using the Model 1 it is now rare that I miss a fairway and the drives are longer that I have hit a ball in a long time. Of course the reason is simple. The club is built by Sean “the Beast” Fister” Three time World Long Drive Champion, and he is in the Long Drive Hall of Fame. During the time he competed he never shared the technology he put into his clubs. Now he builds them for people like you and me. For more of my review of Model 1 made by Fister Golf click on the link Golf Clubs: This is a club that brings back the long ball for us Seniors.

Click Here: for more information.

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